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Cove Pro Salt 20.04kg

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Coral Cove Pro Salt
All natural salt for healthy living

  The sea water is led-in from the blue, clear and unpolluted sea by tidal movements, then poured into shallow ponds by the axial pump and naturally evaporated in the sun. Professionals master evaporated amounts based on daily

  evaporation among the ponds With dwindling water of shallow ponds, the concentration of "brine" is increasing, thus the concentrated brine saturation is extracted.
  During the process of seawater evaporation, pure sodium chloride on the form of crystals is separated out.
      Washed and dried, and the removal of organic matter and other pollutants , the crystals eventually become the most suitable place where coral can be grown
   Sodium chloride crystals exacted by the natural seawater can include 81 chemical index, of which 10 are constant elements. By professional proportioning, adding more than 30 kinds of below 1 mg / 1 litre trace elements, such as, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other elements which are evenly mixed,  then through our precise modulation parameters, so that the ideal standard simulated seawater can be achieved, which can provide a suitable living environment for aquarium fish and invertebrates. This is the Coral Cove Pro Salt, the perfect combination between scientific proportion and natural seawater

Specific gravity chart


Packing Specifications:1kg.(2.2lb) / 30liter.(7.9 Gallon)

According to the aquarium needs of different situations, and combining with every precise data of natural coral reef seawater, our R & D team conducted the scientific ratio. That is to improve and increase the elements of the aquarium which are easy to consume and loss. Thus, for the aquarium with low nutritive salt which cannot timely add nutrient elements for a long time, it provides a powerful compensation to ensure the healthy growth of fish and coral of the aquarium.

Coral Cove Pro Salt produce in the temperature is around 77°F/25℃,parameters are based on dry

salt mixed with RO water,and stable seawater with a PH of 8.2-8.4. 



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