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Cove Fish Food Tiny (0.7mm) 100g

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Component of value

Protein(min.):45%   Fat(min.):8%
Fiber(max.):3%  Calcium(max.):4%
Moisture(max.):10%  Ash(min.):10%
Lysine(min.):2.3%   Phosphor(min.):1.2%

Suitable for fish size below 6cm


COVE  Marine Pellet

As the name describes it is the food for the marine fish, COVE  marine fish pallet is carefully made from the nutritive proportion that fish and coral reef need. COVE team adopts rigorous screening coefficient to evaluate in the R&D process to enable fish food’s nutrient element obtain optimized formulation design.


The content of crude protein, the main ingredient of fish food, is greater than or equal to 45%; and the contents of crude fat, crude ash and crude fiber are respectively 7%, 17.5%, 3%. There are still a variety of trace elements such as lysine, calcium, phosphorus, salt and moisture.


It combines multiple vitamins and mineral substances, and has high digestibility. Meanwhile, it does not pollute water quality but can enhance physical fitness to improve the ability to resist diseases.


The slow sinking design of fish food can avoid the accumulation of nutritive salts due to the fast sinking of fish food. It is the optimal choice when fishes living in middle-low levels of water to get foods. 



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