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Aquatronica ACQ110 Aquarium Controller Evolution

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The control unit is the heart of the Aquarium Controller system.

With this control unit, the user can configure the settings of a soft or salt water aquarium (or both at the same time) and consult the data of the measurements taken.

Its modern and functional design, and many functions and applications make the Aquarium Controller not only a true furnishing item, but an essential element for controlling an aquarium as well.

The main feature of the Aquarium Controller is that it can be reprogrammed from a PC so as to keep all the enabled functions, and those which can be implemented in the future, updated.

The graphic display also makes sure that programming the device is optimum, the measurements taken are constantly checked, and that their graphic trends over time are displayed.

With one single control unit the Aquarium Controller system currently features the following functions:






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