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JNS Skimmer SK2

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SHARK is well designed!!

It works much better then traditional skimmers and full cone skimmers.

We solve the problems of these two old types of skimmers: unstable bubble making and insufficient space of reaction chamber.

SHARK protein skimmers provide enough capacity of reaction chamber and high stable cone body  ; therefore, SHARK is much efficient than traditional skimmers and full cone skimmers.

This is what we made.
The perfect ratio of reaction chamber and cone!



• A class Acrylic Construction ‚ SCH80 fitting.

• Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable.

• Simple to Set Up and Operate.

• Quick-Precise adjusting valve allows quick and precise adjustment of skimmer water level for more accurate control over dry or wet foam production.


• SHARK 2.0 needle wheel pump absorbs high air intake and optimum bubble size. amply mix the bubble efficiently.



• Rubber feet for decrease noise and vibration isolation.



• Exceptional buffer chamber





• Footprint: 33 * 20 CM
• Pump(included): SHARK 2.0
• Pump power consumption: 22 Watts
• Air Intake: 720 LPH 
• Chamber Diameter: 15 CM
• Height: 58 CM
• Outlet size: 1 Quick-Precise adjusting valve



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