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JNS Calcium Reactor S1

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STAR Calcium Reactor uses a very specialized and magnificent feature: the pressure injector system technology to most efficiently and properly use the carbon dioxide in the reactor.

 In parallel carbon dioxide bubbles which were unused and did not dissolve and react to carbonic acid in the reaction chamber are also recatched by a gas/water separator and are transported through the suction of the injector again into the reaction chamber,Carbon dioxide is not recirculated through the pump that it will be lower water circulates.

 Carbon dioxide recirculated chamber is monocoque for the best in long term reliability.

STAR Calcium Reactor does not need a feed pump.

 The water loaded with carbon hydrogen carbonate leaves the reactor free of any bubbles.

 STAR Calcium Reactor is reverse-flow (water circulates up and through the media, keeping fine particles in suspension).

 Designed to use any media available


• A class Acrylic Construction  ‚ High quality SCH80 fitting

• Simple to Set Up and Operate

• Clear cast acrylic accurate CO2 bubble counter

• Thumbscrews for easy removal of lid ‚ Easy to clean!

• Includes PH probe holder for PH monitor

• Over height: 55CM (It's not including hose)

• Pump: SICCE Syncra silent 1.5

• reaction tube diamter: 12 CM

• Chamber capacity: 3.2 L

• Footprint: 27 *24 CM



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