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ReeFlo Tiger Shark

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Reeflo Manta Ray External Pressure Pump

ReeFlo pumps are hands down the most affordable, lowest wattageand greatest high flow/high pressure pumps on the market.  The Tiger Shark is the most powerful pump in its class. This energy efficient pump is ideal for 300-500 gallon aquariums with sump return systems requiring a minimum of 15 feet static head. 
This unit is rated for a maximum flow rate of 4300gph, a shut off head of 84` feet and maximum wattage of 1065/ 4.8 amps. Using a 1/3 horsepower Baldor ODP Motor manufactured in the USA.When it comes to external pumps, ReeFlo is truly in a class of its own.


* Maximum Flow Rate: 4300gph
* Maximum Shut-Off Head: 84`
* Average Wattage: 1065W
* Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" FNPT / 1.5" FNPT
* Includes self priming filter basket



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