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- 10% LUMEN BRIGHT โคมดำ แปดเหลี่ยม  16"  1 ขั้ว

LUMEN BRIGHT โคมดำ แปดเหลี่ยม 16" 1 ขั้ว

7,600 บาท 6,840 บาท

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The material is made from German metal fabricator, Alanod. It has a 95% reflective mirror finish. Each reflector has 24 optical facets surrounding the lamps to maximize every possible light reflection. It is 16.5% more efficient than any other similar designed reflector on the market. The Lumen Bright® reflector was designed by a 25 year Optical Engineering Company.
It has an adjustable socket assembly with a 8ft. cord attached, which allows for 175w, 250w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w lamps. The Lumen Bright® is available in a mini or large size as well as a SE pendant or FC2 base DE pendant. Each pendant has a black matte finish for a clean look. All reflectors will have a gold, blue, or pink film on the reflective inside. Please remove the film before installing. Failure to do so will ruin the reflector because the heat of bulb will melt the plastic to the metal.



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