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Aquatronica ACQ225 Ethernet module
  Ethernet module allows, thanks to a remote connection, to dialogue via internet o..
4,450 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ240 SMS module
  The SMS module is used to send messages from/towards mobile phones, via remote connect..
11,000 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ441 Bar-light Dimming Module
  With the Bar-light Dimming Module your own dimmable T5 bars can be connected to t..
3,000 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ460 Tunze Pumps Module
  The Tunze® Pumps Module enables Tunze® electronic motion pumps to be co..
2,400 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-D High range Conductivity interface
  High range conductivity interface for mesuring and checking the conductivity valu..
1,950 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-MS Low range Conductivity interface
  Low Range Conductivity Interface for measuring and checking the value of the Cond..
1,950 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-PH pH Interface
  PH Interface for measuring and checking the pH in the aquarium, by simply connect..
1,800 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-RX Redox Interface
  Redox Interface for measuring and checking the ORP value (Oxide-Reduction Potenti..
1,800 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-TL Temperature & Level Interface
  The Temperature & Level Interface lets the user connect additional Aquat..
1,800 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ201N-WL Water Leakage Interface
  The water leakage interface is used to connect one or two water leakage sens..
1,800 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ222 USB PC kit
  The USB PC kit consists of a USB PC interface and a PC software. ..
3,000 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ001S Temperature Sensor
Description   Aquatronica temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of t..
650 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ310N-D High conductivity electrode
  The high conductivity electrode is used to measure the Conductivity value (d..
4,300 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ310N-MS Low conductivity electrode
  The low conductivity electrode is used to measure the Soft Conductivity valu..
1,800 บาท
Aquatronica ACQ310N-PH pH electrode
  The pH electrode is for measuring the pH level on an aquarium in continuous ..
2,000 บาท