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Pinpoint ORP Meter
For many years the PINPOINT® ORP Monitor has been the most reliable system to properly measure th..
7,500 บาท
Pinpoint ORP Monitor
  PINPOINT ORP Monitor™ will measure the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or REDOX) o..
5,500 บาท
- 10% Pinpoint PH Controller
PINPOINT® pH Controller is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the app..
8,900 บาท 8,100 บาท
- 10% Pinpoint PH Electrode
The Pinpoint pH replacement probes contain a 10 ft. cord, Ag-Ag/Cl reference, extended life, high..
2,500 บาท 2,250 บาท
- 10% Pinpoint PH Monitor
  Tthe PINPOINT® pH Monitor is in use by thousands of customers worldwide. This affordab..
5,500 บาท 4,950 บาท
- 10% Pinpoint Salinity Monitor
  PINPOINT® Salinity Monitor will accurately and immediately measure the amount of salt ..
6,500 บาท 5,850 บาท
- 10% Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer
  American Marines Wireless Thermometer Utilizing a radio wave signal, the remote s..
2,500 บาท 2,250 บาท